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How To Stop Wasting Your Life

Since wearing my health tracker, I’ve realised without a doubt that alcohol fucks up my recovery and performance immensely. Nicotine too. And it’s helped me to quit both.   The effect of bad sleep lasts more than a day and… Continue Reading →

My Perfect Day

I awake in my own house, in a large comfortable bed, perhaps with my beautiful wife or girlfriend asleep beside me.   I get up, use the bathroom and put my workout gear on. Then head to the kitchen where… Continue Reading →

How To Survive Divorce As A Man

How To Give Up Hope

I’ve been holding on to a glimmer of hope. That I can save my marriage. Our family. But I think it’s just causing me more pain and stopping me from moving forwards.   The future I imagine, I crave, is… Continue Reading →

Just A Low Point

I thought it was going well. By that, I thought maybe there was a glimmer of hope. It seems I’ve been going through cycles of this. Acceptance, followed by what you might call delusion.   But tonight she told me… Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Avoidant Relationships

Today is 24 years since I left for my gap year trip to America. I was 18, and it was my first adventure as an ‘adult’. My first dance with promiscuity.   But also a time I found myself quickly… Continue Reading →

How To Live With Yourself

Soldiers with PTSD often get it from what they did, not just what they saw. When you’ve done something that had catastrophic effects on your life, or someone else’s, how do you ever reconcile that?   I guess it starts… Continue Reading →

At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Today I am grateful for the millions of people who gave their lives, in World War 2 and before, so that evil could be defeated… Continue Reading →

Forging Character Through The Pain Of Divorce

Divorce entails one successive kick in the balls after another. Painful step after painful step. There’s no getting away from it. It will be difficult.   So I’ve made the decision to try and see every heartwrenching moment as a… Continue Reading →

Diary Entry: 27th October 2021

“I’m a thinner, healthier, more well-rounded person for having known you. I think that’s pretty fucking awesome, to be honest with you.” – Lucy (my wife).   Her reply when I asked her, in an honest conversation, what we gave to… Continue Reading →

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