I awake in my own house, in a large comfortable bed, perhaps with my beautiful wife or girlfriend asleep beside me.


I get up, use the bathroom and put my workout gear on. Then head to the kitchen where I make coffee and spend some time on my own just reading or journaling.


Then it’s down to my home gym, where I warm up, stretch and lift weights. Sometimes I run instead, in the woods and fields around my house.


I take a shower in my private bathroom with grey slate tiles and heated floor. I look at my physique in the mirror, I look strong and healthy. I feel ready for the day.


I dry and get dressed, in quality clothes that fit me perfectly. Then head down to breakfast, either on my own or with my family.


Then I go to my study, my favourite room in the house (apart from the gym). With a large oak desk, books, and art all around me. I sit in front of the window, which looks out across the garden, as the breeze spills in through the slightly open window.


I review my goals for the day, which I wrote the night before. I am excited and grateful to be able to work on meaningful projects that inspire me.


Then I start work. It might be shooting or editing a video. Or perhaps writing an article, or a piece for my next book. Or brainstorming a new exciting project, coming up with novel and interesting ways to put it together. Sometimes it’s pure research, reading and studying videos in order to increase my knowledge and understanding, and create better work.


I have lunch with my family and take half an hour to enjoy the sunshine outside on the patio. It’s a beautiful day, and we laugh and smile, and share ideas.


In the afternoon I either continue my project from the morning, or use the time to connect with people and respond to the things that need my attention. YouTube comments, emails, phone calls and video calls. Making plans, booking trips and speaking engagements. It all flows by and none of it is a grind, I enjoy the sense of moving forwards and making things happen, and the serendipity that arises from taking action.


By mid-afternoon it’s time for a change of scene, and I may take a trip out with my family, or to see friends, a walk in the woods or a bike ride. I might pop into town and visit a café or a bookshop. Or meet someone to discuss life and business, and how we can help each other. I play Cajon in my band so might meet up to practice, or just play on my own for the sense of flow it gives me.


Once a week I spend a few hours in the morning practising my craft at a nearby clinic. I enjoy the physical skill of it, and seeing the benefit it brings to people’s lives. Sometimes I teach as well, which is something I love to do.


As the evening approaches, I make dinner, unless our visiting chef is on today, and we eat together as a family and enjoy each other’s company and relax. We might play games, or watch a film. Or if I’m on my own I’ll spend some time indulging in whatever piques my curiosity, online or in a book.


My bedtime routine allows me to wind down nicely as I prepare for tomorrow, setting my goals, putting out my clothes, and visualising the next day going well. I might have a bath, or even a massage, and make love to the woman who’s with me.


I fall asleep thinking about how wonderful today has been, and thanking God for my life, my family, and the wonderful experiences I continue to have.


Mike Cassidy



Image by Free Photos from Pixabay