I wonder if I create small stresses in my life to distract me from dealing with bigger challenges.

Perhaps it’s a responsibility thing.


In the short term that might look like hangovers, fire-fighting or stressing over small decisions. In the broader sense, domestic tension, being in debt and the carousel of losing and regaining physical health.

All those things can shrink your world and keep you in fight or flight mode. Everything seems so immediate and solid.

But at least you know what you have to do. The next step is obvious: get out of danger.


Hangovers are a good example actually.

When you’re hungover it’s all about just getting through the day. Living for the next coffee break, fast food lunch hour or YouTube rabbit hole.

Even if it’s not that bad, you still feel lethargic and uninspired. It’s generally not when you get your best creative ideas or feel like going the extra mile.

You might perform your expected tasks perfectly fine; maybe even do a pretty good job.


But that’s not thriving.

It’s a stress state. And a stress state is designed to stop you seeing the bigger picture, and focus on the problem in front of you.

It gives you tunnel vision, high blood pressure, and uses a lot of resources.

But the tradeoff, is you don’t have to face the complexities, responsibilities and inevitable failures that come with trying to achieve something special, with no guarantee that it’ll work.

Like building a business, repairing a relationship, or getting in the best shape of your life.

I’m just speaking from experience here. Because I’m starting to wonder if that’s something I’ve been doing.

And I’m not saying I have the answers yet. But a degree of self-awareness is a start, at least.


The next piece is courage.


Mike Cassidy



Photo by Kalea Jerielle on Unsplash